Woman I Am With You

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Beautiful women,
Woman I Am With You is initiated by Natasha Rachel Numan who lives in The Netherlands. She is known for being a radiant healer, a wonderful mother and wife, yoga teacher and a women’s coach.
She’s very passionate about getting women back into their beautiful balance of both male and female energy and she strongly believes that the world is waiting for in fact all of us to remember who we really are. 
“Women are women and that has a meaning. As men are men. By being among other women we close the gap that has been created by us for way too long. It is our responsibility to build and sustain a fertile ground for all of us to live on. In this we have the task to get our balance back together, becoming the force of unconditional love. To strengthen this process it is a must to gather and re-appreciate the women we are, by becoming sisters. We can only become the women we want to be by knowing all the women we are.”
“As we are living the flow of a global transformation, growing more and more in a world of balance, our invitation lies within remembering who we are and being free. What holds us back is the fear from a belief we have kept close to us, coming from a former experience.”
With many ways of transforming your life, Natasha Rachel Numan creates a warm environment for you to feel safe, seen and carried by other women. This allows you to deepen your awareness about where you are in life right now. If you are looking for more perspectives, insights about your life and the world than this can be what you are looking for.
Woman I Am With You takes you on a journey connecting to the heart, body and voice and shift you back into the awareness of your power to become who you always wanted to be.
This also includes awareness of the soul of this planet, mother earth, Gaia. What we heal today will be healing for the evolutionary process of the place we live on.”
Natasha Rachel Numan is traveling across Europe with Woman I Am With You. Visit her website for more details: www.womaniamwithyou.com
Register: Via agenda on this site, PM on Facebook or info@natashanuman.nl
With Love and Warmth,
Team Woman I Am With You

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